The Colombian Chocolate Club offers tastings, tours, classes and other entertaining activities for chocolate lovers and those wanting to deepen their appreciation of the worlds' most delicious food.

Founded by Australian chocolatier Suzie Hoban of Choco Q Chocolate Artesanal, all Colombian Chocolate Club activities are conducted in English. Suzie Hoban has a Masters degree in Food Culture and Communications and over five years experience as a chocolatier and lecturer of gastronomy at the University of La Sabana in Colombia. She brings a unique combination of theoretical and practical knowledge and many years experience inspiring students with her passion and dedication to fine chocolate. 

Cacao will play a crucial role in Colombia's post-conflict journey. The Colombian Chocolate Club seeks to promote peace in Colombia by increasing appreciation for fine Colombian chocolate, and the work of Colombian cacao growers. 

Our Team

Suzie Hoban, Chocolatier

Originally from Australia, Suzie was working for an ad agency in Singapore when she decided to quit the corporate world and pursue her passion for chocolate. She undertook a Master of Food Culture & Communications from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy (which was as fabulous as it sounds) and after graduating spent the next year studying under some of Europe’s most accomplished chocolate makers, chocolate experts and chocolatiers, to learn all she could about this fascinating food.  

Following the other love of her life, a handsome Colombian, she found herself in Bogota! Here, close to the source of cacao, she shares her love of chocolate through her company Choco Q Chocolate Artesanal, as founder of Colombian Chocolate Club, and as as a lecturer in cacao and coffee at the University of La Sabana. 

Andrés Rodríguez, Creative Director and Chief Tasting Officer

Andrés is an industrial designer with a folio spanning all forms of design from furniture to books. After several years living and working in Asia, including frequent trips to industrial zones in China, Andrés saw first hand the "industrial" consequences of his job title. After his own blissful year in Italy studying a Master of Design in Milan, he set out to change his professional practices to ensure a future for our planet, and his profession. In charge of wrapping all fine chocolate products for Choco Q Chocolate Artesanal, Andrés has created a packaging that is not only beautiful, but also sustainable.